Ruin Game of Thrones for your friends, automatically.

Bran becomes king and Jon stabs Dany

So long and thanks for all the spoilers

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I pay?

As soon as the next Game of Thrones episode airs, will text shocking revelations to the number you enter.

Can I see the responses to the spoilers?

Yes! After you order we email you a link so you may view any texted responses to the spoilers we send out.

Why does it cost money?

How else is a Lannister going to pay his debts?

Is this for real?

Yes, this is real. See articles written about us in The AV Club, The Cosmopolitan, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal.

Why would you do this?

We were inspired by this delightful story.

What's going to happen to Tyrion?

We're talking about spoilers here, not time travel.

Can I sign up my friend with an international number?

Yes, our text messaging ravens have learned to cross the narrow sea and now support international numbers! Details here.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes, Spoiled uses Stripe to securely process all transactions.

Will they know where the texts are coming from?

A man is no one.

What if they block the number?

A man serves the many numbered god. More info.

I accidentally entered my own phone number. Will I spoil myself?

Shame! Just send us the correct number from the email you signed up with.

How do you sleep at night?

Pretty well, actually. I have a machine that simulates the sound of the ocean.