Ruined Game of Thrones for your friends, automatically.

Thank you for participating in our social experiment, you horrible horrible people.

- The SuperPax Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Sign ups are closed as the current season has ended. Maybe you could find a weirwood tree and time travel?

Will you continue this in the future?

Perhaps after the winds of winter have passed.

You jerks sent me spoilers! How do I unsubscribe?

Fear not, with the current season over, our text messaging ravens will bother you no longer.

Who signed me up?

That does not matter, the price was paid. A servant of the many faced god does not ask questions.

F*** YOU

That's not really a question.

Can I see my victim's responses?

You can see victim responses via our Twitter page.

Can you verify the spoiler was delivered?

Send us an email, we'll look into it

Does my purchase extend into the next season?

Sorry, the purchase you made applied to the current season only.